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Discover the unique collaboration between Pas De Mer, an independent Italian brand known for its unconventional and sarcastic vision, and Gatorbeug. Together, they've crafted a bong that bridges their distinct island cultures. The Pasdemer X Gatorbeug Bong features the iconic shape of classic Sardinian beer bottles, adorned in vibrant Aussie colors. This artistic piece embodies a perfect blend of essential yet disruptive design elements, making it a standout addition to any collection

  • Unique Design: Inspired by the classic bottles of Sardinian beer, blending tradition with modern aesthetics.
  • Borosilicate Glass: Made with heatproof and shockproof borosilicate glass, ensuring durability and longevity.
  • Vibrant Colors: Featuring typical Aussie colors, this bong stands out with its bold and lively appearance.
  • Collaborative Artistry: A product born from the creative partnership between Pas De Mer and Gatorbeug, combining their unique artistic visions.
  • • 1 x Pasdemer X Gatorbeug Bong
    • 1 x Glass Downstem and Cone Piece

    • Brand: Gatorbeug
    • Colour: Green/Mixed
    • Mouth: Matches classic bottle
    • Type: Glass Bong
    • Material: Borosilicate Glass
    • Use With: Flower

    How to Clean a Bong Fast & Effectively

    1. Disassemble the Bong:
      • Carefully take apart your bong, removing any detachable parts.
    2. Rinse with Warm Water:
      • Rinse each part with warm water to remove loose residue.
    3. Prepare the Cleaning Solution:
      • Mix isopropyl alcohol (at least 91%) with coarse salt.
      • Pour this mixture into the base of the bong, covering all dirty areas.
    4. Shake and Soak:
      • Shake the bong gently to ensure the alcohol and salt coat the interior.
      • Let it sit for at least 30 minutes to break down resin and buildup.
    5. Scrub Hard-to-Reach Areas:
      • Use pipe cleaners or cotton swabs to scrub stubborn spots.
      • Focus on percolators and other intricate parts.
    6. Rinse Thoroughly:
      • Rinse all parts with warm water until clean.
      • Let them dry completely.

    Remember, regular cleaning prevents buildup, maintains freshness, and ensures smoother smoking sessions. Enjoy your freshly cleaned bong! 🌿🚀

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