Brown Stem 95mm

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Mix up your color-way with the glass Brown Stem 95mm! This versatile bong downstem features a 14mm joint and a 95mm length, making it suitable for Cheers, DMC_Green, De Marco, G3, The Tube, and The Icon. Ensure you measure the distance between the bottom corner and stem joint of your waterpipe/bong to get the right length. Made from borosilicate glass, this downstem is both heatproof and shockproof, ensuring durability and longevity.

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  • 14mm joint and 95mm length
  • Compatible with Cheers, DMC_Green, De Marco, G3, The Tube, and The Icon
  • Made from borosilicate glass - heatproof and shockproof
  • Measure your waterpipe/bong to ensure the correct length
  • • 1 x Brown Stem 95mm

    • Brand: Gatorbeug
    • Colour: Brown
    • Type: Downstems
    • Material: Borosilicate Glass
    • Use With: Flower
    • Joint Size: 14mm
    • Length: 95mm
    • Compatability: Suitable for Cheers, DMC_Green, De Marco, G3, G2, The Tube and The Icon

    Quick and Easy Downstem Cleaning Guide

    Keep your downstem clean with this straightforward routine:

    1. Gather Supplies:
      • Isopropyl alcohol (90%+)
      • Coarse salt
      • Plastic bag/container
      • Pipe cleaners/cotton swabs
      • Lukewarm water
    2. Soak the Downstem:

      Mix alcohol and salt in a bag or container. Submerge the downstem and let it soak for 30 minutes.

    3. Scrub and Rinse:

      Use pipe cleaners or cotton swabs to scrub away residue. Rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

    4. Dry Completely:

      Let the downstem air dry fully before using it again.

    For a natural alternative, use a baking soda and vinegar mixture. Soak, scrub, rinse, and dry as usual.

    By following these steps, you'll ensure a clean and enjoyable smoking experience every time.

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