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Introducing the 17" UFO Beaker - a stellar choice for those seeking an out-of-this-world smoking experience. Crafted from mesmerizing green and blue glass, this bong is not just a smoking apparatus, but a galactic piece of art that'll captivate any audience.

Key Features:

  • Galactic Design: Its green and blue hues swirl together, reminiscent of cosmic nebulae, creating an otherworldly visual delight every time you light up.

  • Innovative Diffuser Chamber: Go beyond the ordinary with the advanced diffuser chamber, ensuring smoother, cooler, and more enjoyable hits by maximizing water filtration and smoke diffusion.

  • Complete Set: Comes with a perfectly sized downstem and bowl, so you're ready to launch into your session right away.

  • Precision Bowl Size: A 14.5mm bowl offers just the right space for your herb, ensuring optimal performance and flavor with every pull.

  • Ideal Downstem Length: The 146mm downstem length is carefully chosen to perfectly complement the UFO Beaker's design, ensuring a seamless fit and optimal airflow.

Elevate your smoking sessions to interstellar heights with the 17" UFO Beaker. Whether you're looking to impress guests or simply indulge in a superior experience, this bong promises to deliver both style and substance. Explore the universe, one puff at a time.


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