Mini Muzz Skulls

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Mini Rechargeable Cordless Electric Weed Grinder with Skulls Print.

Have you ever wanted to take your muzzer in the car, camping, down the beach, in the bush, or even to gym? Now you can. This amphibious muzzer can blend liquids as well as chop herbs and coffee beans. Can also use the lid as a chop bowl ! Battery charges with the included USB-C cable which plugs into USB socket.

Height: 10cm tall and 7.5cm wide. Much smaller and more compact than the Kmuzz. 

Mini Muzz

A versatile & powerful cordless grinder. Quickly recharge via USB C for extensive use.

Extensive Battery Life

2000Mah Rechargable battery.

Always ready.

Cordless, built from high grade PLA, with an industrial grade motor and blades, travel anywhere with MiniMuzz.


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