Silicone Grommet

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Need a reliable seal for your setup? Our Silicone Grommets are perfect for creating an airtight contact point between glass and metal. Designed to be inserted in the downstem hole of bongs that require a metal downstem, these grommets ensure a snug fit every time.

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  • Silicone grommet for airtight contact
  • Fits between glass and metal
  • Ideal for bongs with metal downstems
  • • 1 x Grommet

    • Brand: Gatorbeug
    • Colour: Assorted
    • Type: Grommet
    • Material: Silicone
    • Suitability: For Bongs with Metal Downstems

    Grommet Care Guide

    Ensure your grommets remain in top condition with these simple care tips!

    Cleaning Tips:

    • Rinse Regularly: Rinse with warm water to remove debris.
    • Deep Clean: Soak in mild soapy water for a thorough clean.
    • Brush Gently: Use a soft brush to remove any build-up.
    • Rinse and Dry: Rinse with clean water and let air dry completely.

    Maintenance Tips:

    • Check for Damage: Inspect regularly for cracks or wear and replace if necessary.
    • Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Do not use bleach or abrasive cleaners.
    • Store Properly: Keep in a cool, dry place to prevent deterioration.

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