GRAV® 14mm Glass Cleaning Plug

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Keep Your Glass Sparkling Clean with the GRAV® 14mm Glass Cleaning Plug

Maintaining your glassware has never been easier thanks to the GRAV® 14mm Glass Cleaning Plug. Designed specifically for the meticulous smoker, this essential accessory simplifies the cleaning process, ensuring your glass pieces stay in pristine condition. Whether you're cleaning a water pipe, bong, or other glassware, the GRAV® 14mm Cleaning Plug is your go-to tool for a spotless shine.

Why Choose the GRAV® 14mm Glass Cleaning Plug?

  1. Universal Fit for 14mm Joints: This versatile cleaning plug is compatible with any glass piece that has a 14mm joint. Its snug fit ensures a secure seal, allowing you to clean your glassware thoroughly without any leaks or spills.

  2. Simplifies the Cleaning Process: Say goodbye to the hassle of trying to cover joint openings while cleaning. The GRAV® Cleaning Plug provides a tight seal, enabling you to shake your cleaning solution inside the piece without worrying about messy drips or spills. It’s the perfect solution for deep, effective cleaning.

  3. Durable and Reusable Design: Made from high-quality glass, the GRAV® 14mm Cleaning Plug is built to withstand repeated use. Unlike disposable plugs or makeshift covers, this durable plug is designed for long-term use, saving you time and money in the long run.

  4. Maintains Your Glassware’s Integrity: The plug’s glass construction ensures it won't react with your cleaning solution, preserving the quality and appearance of your glassware. This is especially important for maintaining the flavor and purity of your sessions.

  5. Easy to Use and Clean: Simply insert the plug into your glass piece’s joint, add your preferred cleaning solution, and shake. When you’re done, the plug is easy to clean and store, ready for your next cleaning session.

    Keep Your Glassware Pristine

    The GRAV® 14mm Glass Cleaning Plug is an indispensable tool for any serious smoker who values clean, well-maintained glassware. Whether you’re deep-cleaning a bong, a water pipe, or any other glass piece, this plug makes the process simple and mess-free. Experience the convenience of hassle-free cleaning and keep your sessions pure and enjoyable.

    Order your GRAV® 14mm Glass Cleaning Plug today and make cleaning your glassware easier than ever!

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  • Fits 14mm Joints: Universally compatible with any glass piece with a 14mm joint.
  • Secure, Leak-Free Seal: Ensures thorough cleaning without spills.
  • Durable Glass Construction: Designed for long-term, repeated use.
  • Non-Reactive Material: Maintains the integrity of your glassware.
  • Effortless to Use and Maintain: Simplifies the cleaning process and is easy to clean itself.
  • • 1 x GRAV® 14mm Glass Cleaning Plug

    • Brand: GRAV
    • Colour: Clear
    • Type: Cleaning Plug
    • Material: Borosilicate Glass
    • Joint Size: 14mm

    Cleaning Plug Care Guide

    Make cleaning your bongs and pipes a breeze with our cleaning plugs!

    How to Use:

    1. Insert plug into bong/pipe opening.
    2. Add cleaning solution (like isopropyl alcohol and salt).
    3. Shake gently to clean.
    4. Remove plug and rinse thoroughly with warm water.

    Maintenance Tips:

    • Clean after each use with warm water and mild soap.
    • Check regularly for wear and replace if needed.
    • Store in a cool, dry place.

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