The clay ball I used to throw this one had thooooooose qualities, you know, that ball you pick up out of the fifty (ok thirty) bits of clay you wedged the day before. THE ball of the throwdown session that day and your like….dayam- it feels good. .Wait….what?…..ohhhh…….so you haven’t felt THAT ball yet? Ok I can try give you my best description of what it feels like…..Soft but kinda responsive, when you squeeze it, it almost bounces back a little bit, the platelets making up the clay on the microscopic level interlocking with just the right amount of moisture that it feels like velvet, homemade pasta sheets, the breeze at the start of summer or lushious smooth jazz. Its got that special, feel good feels…and as an old wizard in the mountain once said…..the clay maketh the pot….

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Weight 800 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 250 mm
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