We sent a couple of beugs off to one our favourite glass artists @LilFlame420 who worked his magic to create these hyper rare and cute Gator’s. We are giving them away in a three prize packs, enter via our Instagram @gatorbeug.

We had a chat with the man himself on how he got into the glass game.

Gatorbeug: How did you get into making glass art?

Lil Flame: I got into glass through graffiti. I had been doing graffiti for over a decade but was looking for another type of art to explore. My homie introduced me to Chris Carlson, a glass legend from Oregon. I’ve been melting glass it for about four years now.

Gatorbeug: Did you get into bongs and pipes right away?

Lil Flame: I started out making pendants but hopped right over to bongs and pipes within my first year. I met my now homie Doomsdayglass who neatened my work up a bit and helped me level up.

Gatorbeug: Who is an artist we should know about?

Lil Flame: The late Beach1 TCK. He was the sickest graffiti writer and inspired me so much. I got a lot of my style from him, I was lucky to call him my best friend.

Gatorbeug: You seem to be a huge cartoon fan. What are you watching now?

Lil Flame: I stay watching King Of The Hill because I used to live in Texas haha.

Gatorbeug: Can you show us one of your favourite pieces you’ve made?

Lil Flame: This is my favourite piece of mine for sure. It was a collaboration with Doomsdayglass.


Here are some shots PG of us getting busy in the studio. A little bird may have told you we are bringing back the TN bong. That bird was absolutely correct. If you would like to be waitlisted for one please email

Also, a limited number of Versace ash trays are back in stock. They sold out in hours last time, get in while they’re hot.
Just a heads up we are running low in stock on the Mull-o-matic so if you’re in need of a little grinding machine you know what to do.


Heyo welcome back to the Gatorbeug blog. 

We have graphic artist Max Deboo ( in the studio this month working on some ceramic pieces for an upcoming Gatorbeug X Double Double store collaboration. 

Stay tuned for some pics of him working away.

I went out to dinner with a friend on the weekend at a pretty fancy restaurant in Melbourne. It was difficult to get a table and the waiters and waitresses were giving us and each other some suspicious looks. Of course, we were hours deep into a beug session, and either they could tell, or we were really paranoid. 

Which brings me to today’s blog post. How do you hide all evidence that you are high as balls? I find myself needing to do it quite a bit. Whether you forgot about dinner plans with your folks, you’ve been called into work last minute or you’re venturing out for food will & have to deal with strangers, these tips will hopefully help. 

Firstly, the usual suspects: 

  • Clear Eyes help, yes. 
  • Masking the smell is a must, perfume, deodorant, what have you. Weed breath is just as much of a thing as coffee breath is, especially when your mouth is dry. Drink plenty of water and any form of gum isn’t going to hurt your situation if you have it around.
  • Don’t travel around with a bunch of weed. Everyone can smell it. If you must carry some, carry a small amount in a concealed container inside of a backpack / handbag. 
  • If you are in a situation where you won’t look like a total goose wearing sunglasses, chuck them on.
  • Eating enough will eventually mellow your high, relax you and give you someone to do with your hands. Don’t be too obvious about how much you are enjoying your food of course.

But what about mannerisms? 

Try to act as if you were meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time. 

Stand with good posture, be polite, speak only when spoken to, and try to minimise your answers. Everyone else is now on a need to know basis. 

Avoiding unnecessary conversation is best for various reasons. What someone else says will either go in one ear and out the other and you will be unable to engage at all or you will become totally engrossed in what they are saying, staring far too intensely at them. Either way, their stoner senses are tingling. 

Have a beer or an alcoholic beverage in hand if the situation allows. It will mask the smell, keep you from sweating, it will keep your hands busy and most importantly, It will make some excuses for any erratic behaviour. 

If you run into someone unexpectedly on the street and you are high as a kite and don’t think you can handle the situation, I would suggest excusing yourself saying you are in a rush to go to the bathroom. I just generally use this one if I am in any situation that I need to get out of immediately. Everyone can relate, no one will judge and no one will or want to stop you.
Let me know if you have any tips or tricks at


Hey, welcome to the Gatorbeug blog. We aren’t sure what it is or what it’s going to be but what better way to start than to dive right in? If you have any feedback or suggestions on what you’d like to see here get in touch with us at

To open up I thought I’d investigate a question I’ve been asked a lot lately. That being:

‘Can you take a bong on a plane within Australia?’

Needless to say this blogpost on is not to be taken as legal advice.

I recently moved state, despite my friends and family telling me not to risk bringing my bong on the plane over, I did anyway. I have the Miteybeug, which when deconstructed looks literally nothing like a bong so there were no worries there.

A quick Google search will give you a lot of conflicting information. This question is murky, so I went straight to the primary source calling the government in each state. No fucking around, we’re all about the #hardfacts here at Gatorbeug.

Unfortunately, the people answering the phone seemed to have even less of an idea than I did.

Back to the world wide web where I found that the Aviation Transport Security (Prohibited Items) Instrument 2012 makes no mention of a bong or any type of smoking device in their list of items that are banned on planes. Meaning at a federal level it’s legal AF to take one on a plane.

However, I thought I’d better check in with each state to see if they’ve imposed their own rules (likely).

To start off, I slid into the Insta DMs of the all of the state governments. QLD was the only one to reply. They didn’t answer the plane question directly, but instead said I could be charged with possession for a bong in the sunshine state.

So what this question really comes down to, is which states and territories are you allowed to own a bong.
I’ve read through the up to date legislation on each state.

Here is the breakdown:

QLD: Illegal to possess a bong that has been used for smoking / intended for smoking marijuana

NT:  Illegal to possess a bong that has been used for smoking / intended for smoking marijuana

SA: Illegal to possess a bong that has been used for smoking / intended for smoking marijuana

TAS: Illegal to possess a bong that has been used for smoking / intended for smoking marijuana

NSW: Legal to possess a bong “for use of tobacco”

WA: Legal to possess a bong

VIC: Legal to possess a bong

ACT: Legal to possess a bong

So for example WA > VIC flight you can totally take your bong as high as it takes you.

I think you’d have to have a pretty grumpy security officer to be charged, but best knowing where it’s technically legal or not. In all cases, it would be a safe bet to give your bong a good clean before chucking it in the suitcase.

You’re welcome.

In other news….

We received an order from a Kenny Powers over in WA, we hope he is enjoying his bong.

Product Updates:

  • We’ve added Rolling kit to spread some love to the joint smokers, which includes the rolling tray, papers kit and scissors and most importantly a sticker in a bundle for $40.
  • The Hypersonic is the latest bong to be added to our repertoire
  • And the Cheers is newly customisable, choose what colour stem and bowl you want.

Question for the readers: Do you use liquids in your bong other than water? What do you recommend? A dude I met at Christmas says he takes bong hits full of Listerine. Let me know at

Also throw some pics/ vids our way to and I’ll share my faves on the blog.

Thats it for now.

Beugs Bunny x

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